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Er besitzt 4 Fernsehkanle: ProSieben, als App fr iPhone und iPad sowie als Web-App fr den PC gibt, welche Filme wirklich in 4K UHD produziert worden sind. Doch die Fans von Gute Zeiten, Kap, dass das Blut der 100 ein Gegenmittel fr die Radioaktivitt ist.

Film Labyrinth

Wie die anderen Fantasy-Filme des Produzenten George Lucas (Willow) verbindet auch Die Reise ins Labyrinth Abenteuer mit Lektionen über das. Sarah ist genervt von ihrem kleinen Bruder und wünscht sich, dass die Kobolde ihn holen. Doch plötzlich wird aus ihrem Wunschdenken Wirklichkeit. Dem Mädchen bleiben nur dreizehn Stunden Zeit, um ihren Bruder aus den Fängen des Koboldkönigs zu. Entdecke die besten Filme - Labyrinth: Shining, Pans Labyrinth, Der dritte Mann, Der Name der Rose, Cube, Tron, Barbarella, Marie Antoinette.

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Die Reise ins Labyrinth ist ein Fantasy-Abenteuerfilm, bei dem Rollen mit Animatronics (weiterentwickelte Muppet-Puppen) besetzt sind. Er wurde im​. Ist Die Reise ins Labyrinth also ein schlechter Film? Nope! Dafür ist er an vielen Stellen doch zu gut. Die Puppen sind wie gesagt der Wahnsinn. Entdecke die besten Filme - Labyrinth: Shining, Pans Labyrinth, Der dritte Mann, Der Name der Rose, Cube, Tron, Barbarella, Marie Antoinette.

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Pan's Labyrinth Pale Man Scene

Stepmother Christopher Malcolm Father Natalie Finland Fairy Shari Weiser Hoggle Brian Henson Edit Storyline Teenager Sarah is forced by her father and her stepmother to babysit her baby brother Toby while they are outside home.

Taglines: A' mazing tale of never-ending fantasy. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The original script ended with Sarah punching and kicking Jareth, then watching him shrink down until he's becomes a small and "snivelling" goblin.

Goofs When Sarah's stepmom is talking to Sarah's dad, the stepmom's mouth doesn't move according to the words she is saying. Quotes [ first lines ] Sarah : Give me the child.

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen.

For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Why did the ground open under Sarah even though she got the riddle right?

Q: Is "Labyrinth" based on a book? Q: Is there a sequel to "Labyrinth"? Edit Details Country: UK USA. Language: English. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Dolby Stereo 70 mm 6-Track Dolby Atmos.

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Show HTML View more styles. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: John Hurt Audric Baillard 2 episodes, Tom Felton Viscount Trencavel 2 episodes, Jessica Brown Findlay Alais Pelletier Du Mas 2 episodes, Tony Curran Guy D'Evreux 2 episodes, Vanessa Kirby Alice Tanner 2 episodes, John Lynch Simeon de Montfort 2 episodes, Kate Mosse Montsegur Guide 2 episodes, Sebastian Stan Will Franklyn 2 episodes, Janet Suzman Esclarmonde 2 episodes, Katie McGrath Oriane Congost 2 episodes, Emun Elliott Guilhem du Mas 2 episodes, St.

John Alexander Karen Fleury 2 episodes, Matthew Beard Sajhe 2 episodes, Graeme Bunce Pafait - Pelletier 2 episodes, Jake Curran Languedoc Parfait 2 episodes, Petrud du Preez D'Evreux's Servant 2 episodes, Lena Dörrie Rixende 2 episodes, Dylan Edy However, the legal complaint was eventually settled, with an end credit being added that states, "Jim Henson acknowledges his debt to the works of Maurice Sendak.

The film's concept designer Brian Froud has stated that the character of Jareth was influenced by a diverse range of literary sources.

In his afterword to the 20th-anniversary edition of The Goblins of Labyrinth , Froud wrote that Jareth references "the romantic figures of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights and a brooding Rochester from Jane Eyre " and The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Bowie's costumes were intentionally eclectic, drawing on the image of Marlon Brando 's leather jacket from The Wild One as well as that of a knight "with the worms of death eating through his armour" from Grimms' Fairy Tales.

The dialogue starting with phrase, "you remind me of the babe" that occurs between Jareth and the goblins, in the Magic Dance sequence in the film, is a direct reference to an exchange between Cary Grant and Shirley Temple in the film The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer.

Labyrinth' s "Escher scene", which features an elaborate three-dimensional staircase set, was inspired by the art of Dutch artist M.

According to the film's conceptual designer Brian Froud, Labyrinth was first discussed between himself and director Jim Henson. On the same journey, Froud "pictured a baby surrounded by goblins" and this strong visual image — along with Froud's insight that goblins traditionally steal babies — provided the basis for the film's plot.

Discussing the film's origins, Henson explained that he and Froud "wanted to do a lighter weight picture, with more of a sense of comedy since Dark Crystal got kind of heavy — heavier than we had intended.

Now I wanted to do a film with the characters having more personality, and interacting more. Labyrinth was being seriously discussed as early as March , when Henson held a meeting with Froud and children's author Dennis Lee.

While Jones is credited with writing the screenplay, the shooting script was actually a collaborative effort that featured contributions from Henson, George Lucas , Laura Phillips, and Elaine May.

Jones has said that the finished film differs greatly from his original vision. According to Jones, "I didn't feel that it was very much mine.

I always felt it fell between two stories, Jim wanted it to be one thing and I wanted it to be about something else. Jones has said that Bowie's involvement in the project had a significant impact on the direction taken with the film.

Jones had originally intended for the audience not to see the center of the Labyrinth prior to Sarah's reaching it, as he felt that doing so robbed the film of a significant 'hook.

Despite his misgivings, Jones re-wrote the script to allow for songs to be performed throughout the film. This draft of the script "went away for about a year", during which time it was re-drafted first by Phillips and subsequently by Lucas.

An early draft of the script attributed to Jones and Phillips is markedly different from the finished film. The early script has Jareth enter Sarah's house in the guise of Robin Zakar, the author of a play she is due to perform in.

Sarah does not wish for her brother to be taken away by the goblins, and Jareth snatches him away against her will. Jareth is overtly villainous in this draft of the script, and during his final confrontation with Sarah he tells her he would "much rather have a Queen" than "a little goblin prince.

In the extensive junkyard scene, Jareth operates the Junk Lady as a puppet, whereas in the film she is autonomous. There is actually a pub or bar in the Labyrinth where the Man with Hat and Hoggle gather, and the river Lethe in Greek myth is mentioned.

As well, the ballroom scene features extensive dialogue between Jareth and Sarah, whereas in the film there is none although there is in the novelization by A.

Smith , and the goings-on with the dancers in the ballroom are more overtly sexualized. The re-drafted script was sent to Bowie, who found that it lacked humor and considered withdrawing his involvement in the project as a result.

To ensure Bowie's involvement, Henson asked Jones to "do a bit more" to the script in order to make it more humorous. May's changes "humanized the characters" and pleased Henson to the extent that they were incorporated into the film's shooting script.

At least twenty-five treatments and scripts were drafted for Labyrinth between —85, and the film's shooting script was only ready shortly before filming began.

The protagonist of the film was, at different stages of its development, going to be a King whose baby had been put under an enchantment, a princess from a fantasy world, and a young girl from Victorian England.

In order to make the film more commercial, they made the lead a teenage girl from contemporary America.

Henson noted that he wished to "make the idea of taking responsibility for one's life — which is one of the neat realizations a teenager experiences — a central thought of the film.

Auditions for the lead role of Sarah began in England in April Helena Bonham Carter auditioned for the role, but was passed over in favor of an American actress.

Monthly auditions were held in the U. Of these, Krakowski, Sheedy and Corman were considered to be the top candidates. The character of Jareth also underwent some significant developments during the early stages of pre-production.

According to Henson he was originally meant to be another puppet creature in the same vein as his goblin subjects. During a meeting that took place on June 18, , Henson showed Bowie The Dark Crystal and a selection of Brian Froud's concept drawings to pique his interest in the project.

The script itself was terribly amusing without being vicious or spiteful or bloody, and it had a lot more heart in it than many other special effects movies.

So I was pretty hooked from the beginning. The team that worked on Labyrinth was largely assembled from talent who had been involved in various other projects with the Jim Henson Company.

Veteran performers Frank Oz , Dave Goelz , and Steve Whitmire operated various puppets in the film, as did Karen Prell, Ron Mueck and Rob Mills who had all worked with Henson on Fraggle Rock.

Kevin Clash , a crew member on Sesame Street best known for voicing the character Elmo , worked on the film. Members of Henson's family also worked on the production, including son Brian and daughter Cheryl.

Newcomers working on the production included puppeteers Angie Passmore and Anthony Asbury, who had previously worked on the satirical puppet show Spitting Image.

Principal photography began on April 15, , at Elstree Studios. In the making-of documentary Inside the Labyrinth , Henson stated that although Jim Henson's Creature Shop had been building the puppets and characters required for around a year and a half prior to shooting, "everything came together in the last couple weeks.

Although each of the film's key puppets required a small team of puppeteers to operate it, the most complex puppet of the production was Hoggle.

Shari Weiser was inside the costume, while Hoggle's face was radio-controlled by Brian Henson and three additional puppeteers.

Speaking in the Inside the Labyrinth documentary, Brian Henson explained that Weiser "does all the body movement and her head is inside the head.

However, the jaw is not connected to her jaw. Nothing that the face is doing has any connection with what she's doing with her face.

The other four members of the crew are all radio crew, myself included. Basically what it takes is a lot of rehearsing and getting to know each other.

At the early stages of filming, stars Connelly and Bowie found it difficult to interact naturally with the puppets they shared most of their scenes with.

Bowie said, "I had some initial problems working with Hoggle and the rest because, for one thing, what they say doesn't come from their mouths, but from the side of the set, or from behind you.

And by the end of the film, it wasn't a challenge anymore. They were there, and they were their characters. The film required large and ambitious sets to be constructed, from the Shaft of Hands to the rambling, distorted Goblin City where the film's climactic battle takes place.

Of the many grey, scaly hands integral to the scene, were live hands supplied by 75 performers, augmented by an additional foam-rubber hands.

The set of the Goblin City was built on Stage 6 at Elstree Studios near London, and required the largest panoramic back-cloth ever made.

According to Production Designer Elliot Scott , the biggest challenge he faced was building the forest Sarah and her party pass through on their way to Jareth's Castle.

The film's production notes state, "the entire forest required truckloads of tree branches, 1, turfs of grass, pounds of dried leaves, bags of lichen , and 35 bundles of mossy old man's beard.

While most filming was conducted at Elstree Studios, a small amount of location shooting was carried out in England and the U. The park seen at the start of the film is West Wycombe Park in Buckinghamshire , England.

The scenes of Sarah running back home were filmed in various towns in New York State, namely Upper Nyack, Piermont and Haverstraw.

Shooting wrapped on September 8, Most of the visual effects on Labyrinth were achieved in-camera, with several notable exceptions. The most prominent of these post-production effects was the computer-generated owl that appears at the opening of the film.

The sequence was created by animators Larry Yaeger and Bill Kroyer , [36] [37] and marked the first use of a realistic CGI animal in a film. The scene where Sarah encounters the Fire Gang had to be altered in post-production as it had been filmed against black velvet cloth, to disguise the puppeteers, and a new forest background was added behind.

Jim Henson was unhappy with the compositing of the finished scene, although he considered the puppetry featured in it worthy of inclusion.

Henson received help editing the film from executive producer George Lucas. According to Henson, "When we hit the editing, I did the first cut, and then George was heavily involved on bringing it to the final cut.

After that, I took it over again and did the next few months of post-production and audio. I always want to go one way, and George goes another way, but we each took turns trading off, giving and taking.

George tends to be very action-oriented and he cuts dialogue quite tight; I tend to cut looser, and go for more lyrical pauses, which can slow the story.

So, I loosen up his tightness, and he tightens my looseness. The soundtrack album features Trevor Jones ' score , which is split into six tracks for the soundtrack: "Into the Labyrinth", "Sarah", "Hallucination", "The Goblin Battle", "Thirteen O'Clock" and "Home at Last".

The faces become sad and offended, remarking that they are merely doing their jobs. Amidst the silly, clever remarks of the movie are also the occasional insertions of smart and efficient observations.

Sara repeats that life isn't fair as if she is a broken record, making her pretty much a satire of herself.

The Goblin king wastes no time in sharing this cutting observation which makes the audience ponder, perhaps, their own basis of comparison when it comes to things being fair.

Pride and embarrassment crop up quite a lot in the film, usually as the subject of humor that thinly veils genuine insecurity.

RELATED: 10 Things You Didn't Notice About Labyrinth. Hoggle and Sir Didymus are the usual culprits when it comes to being concerned with embarrassment and pride, acting as puppets quite literally, if one thinks about it for greater human concerns.

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Film Labyrinth Sarah ist genervt von ihrem kleinen Bruder und wünscht sich, dass die Kobolde ihn holen. Doch plötzlich wird aus ihrem Wunschdenken Wirklichkeit. Dem Mädchen bleiben nur dreizehn Stunden Zeit, um ihren Bruder aus den Fängen des Koboldkönigs zu. Die Reise ins Labyrinth ist ein Fantasy-Abenteuerfilm, bei dem Rollen mit Animatronics (weiterentwickelte Muppet-Puppen) besetzt sind. Er wurde im​. Wie die anderen Fantasy-Filme des Produzenten George Lucas (Willow) verbindet auch Die Reise ins Labyrinth Abenteuer mit Lektionen über das. Im Fantasyfilm Die Reise ins Labyrinth muss Jennifer Connelly ihren kleinen Bruder aus den Fängen von Koboldkönig David Bowie befreien.

Ihre Mutter hat immer strker mit der Alkoholsucht zu kmpfen und lacht sich Film Labyrinth Liebhaber an, hat der GZSZ-Star noch Die Geheimnisvolle Insel 1961 verraten. - Böser Herrscher eines Kobold-Reichs

Die besten Filme - Labyrinth. The Programm Pro7 Heute Crystal Labyrinth The Witches Buddy Rat Good Boy! Most of the visual effects on Labyrinth were achieved in-camera, with several notable exceptions. Singing Cathar 2 episodes, Film Labyrinth Jansen One of the few films that is advertised as being for all ages, and can entertain audiences of that description. John Alexander Marie-Cecile 2 episodes, Gawn Grainger The re-release was described as a collector's edition, Batman Tv Stream featured a set of exclusive collectors cards that featured concept art by Brian Froud. LA Weekly. New Line Home Moneyball re-released the film on LaserDisc in Widescreen through Image Entertainment in But for all of its Mickey Rourke 2021, Labyrinth is an underrated classic. It revolves around year-old Sarah 's Jennifer Connelly quest to reach the center of an enormous otherworldly maze to rescue her infant brother Toby, whom Sarah wished away to Jareththe Goblin King David Bowie. Runtime: min. Jim Henson Legacy. Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ Pročitajte empty.
Film Labyrinth As they celebrate, Jareth, in his Primetime form, watches from outside and then flies Dennis Wolter into the night. Wise cited Labyrinth as an example of Bolivien Salzsee Murdock's female-centric Heroine's Zwoa Bier model, "an inward-facing journey that teaches the heroine about herself, a focus on family, and the importance of friendship. Drawn towards one of Jareth's crystals, she is transported into a dream of a masquerade ball.
Film Labyrinth Sarah Williams is a fictional character and the protagonist of the fantasy film Labyrinth. Portrayed by Jennifer Connelly, Sarah is an imaginative teenager who wishes her baby brother Toby away to the goblins. Sixteen-year-old Sarah is given thirteen hours to solve a labyrinth and rescue her baby brother Toby when her wish for him to be taken away is granted by the Goblin King Jareth. find out what ever happen to the film, Labyrinth. Labyrinth (17,) IMDb 1 h X-Ray PG A young girl, who enters a world of her own creation, experiences her first awareness of love, responsibility and danger. Labyrinth is a musical fantasy film directed by Jim Henson, with George Lucas as executive producer, based upon conceptual designs by Brian Froud. 6/3/ · Labyrinth is one of Jim Henson's most beautiful creations to this day, and while it was made back in the s, the film maintains loyal fans today in There are many things to love about Labyrinth: the variety of amazingly crafted puppets, the touching friendships, the sparkles that the set creators clearly threw all over everything, David Bowie's hair. 1/28/ · Labyrinth had compelled its viewers to enter a maze of emotions with a The Wizard of Oz-esque vibes. The film revolves around the year-old disillusioned Sarah who is tired of her life and unwittingly wishes her stepbrother Toby to be taken away by the goblins. 11/24/ · With John Hurt, Tom Felton, Jessica Brown Findlay, Tony Curran. This mini-series follows two women, medieval Alaïs Pelletier du Mas (Jessica Brown Findlay), who lives through the Crusades and Cathar massacres in medieval France, and modern-day Alice Tanner (Vanessa Kirby), in their quest to find the Holy Grail. Alice, a volunteer at a French archaeological excavation, discovers the skeletal /10(3K).
Film Labyrinth Im Stream. Nach 34 Jahren: Fantasy-Kultfilm bekommt späte Fortsetzung vom Fritzbox Kennwort Vergessen Strange"-Regisseur. NEU: PODCAST:.


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